MINNEAPOLIS — General Mills Convenience is rolling out a Chex Mix line that promises to deliver bold flavors to consumers.

Available in two varieties, Chex Mix MAX’D unites traditional Chex Mix components — Chex pieces, rye chips, pretzels and breadsticks — with intense on-trend flavors. The Buffalo Ranch variety combines spicy buffalo Chex pieces with ranch Chex mix while the Spicy Dill flavor brings together spicy dill Chex pieces and spicy Chex mix.

“Our innovation team identified a growing consumer need for salty snacks that are highly engaging and ‘shock the senses,’” said Mike Siemienas, spokesman, General Mills. “Traditional Chex Mix delivers on this job well with the variety of pieces and textures, and the team figured out a way to make the Chex pieces even more heavily coated, which takes the flavor intensity to the next level.”

Mr. Siemienas noted that all components of the line were selected after the brand completed extensive consumer research.

“We gave consumers a variety of flavors in the ‘hero’ piece and the base mix, and we allowed them to mix and match to see what paired well,” he said. “Buffalo Ranch was an intuitive flavor from the beginning, but we were surprised at how well Spicy Dill delivered for our consumers.”

While MAX’D is for anyone seeking out a spicy snack, the brand had millennial men in mind while creating the concept.

Chex Mix MAX’D is available at convenience stores in 4.25-oz bags and has a suggested retail price of $2.89.