Prune Bits from Sunsweet Ingredients are a versatile ingredient that can provide fat and sugar reduction as well as caramelization and flavor enhancement in baked goods.

“They’re a versatile and functional dried-fruit product, capable of taking a backseat to other ingredients or working as an inclusion,” said Kate Leahy, spokesperson for Sunsweet Ingredients.

These mild and slightly chewy bits are made by dicing a dried plum paste, and they can function as a dried fruit inclusion or be transformed into other formats. When soaked in warm liquid, they become a mild puree, which can be used in pastry fillings or can act as a fat replacement in baked goods. They can also dissolve into melted chocolate, enhancing the chocolate flavor. For bar applications, Prune Bits act as a binder and contribute a mellow sweetness without impacting overall flavor.

These clean label ingredients are also gluten-free and made from non-GMO prune plums.

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