Seeing a need for functional ingredients in the gluten-free baking category, Agropur developed Bakigen CarbCut Gluten-Free Flour, which relies on proteins from dairy and nuts instead of starches. “Dairy proteins are very functional and beneficial ingredients in the bakery space and work great in gluten-free applications to provide structure and flavor,” said Marissa Stubbs, bakery account manager, Agropur.

This new flour behaves similarly to other gluten-free flours but with more protein and fiber and fewer carbs. The flour also contains almond protein, which provides “healthy” fats. The flour qualifies for “good source of protein” and “good source of fiber” claims.

While it works best in low-sugar formulas, the flour can be used in many applications including cookies, flatbread, pancakes, waffles, muffins, cupcakes and donuts. “The Bakigen CarbCut Gluten-Free Flour is the result of two key elements: our expertise in protein functionality and formulation and growing consumer concerns about carbohydrates,” Ms. Stubbs said. “This product was an opportunity for us to replace the carbs and create a better-for-you, gluten-free flour.”

The flour’s neutral taste and color doesn’t negatively impact visual appearance or consumer’s taste experience.

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