COLLEGEDALE, TENN. — McKee Foods Corp. has reintroduced Drake’s Mini Pound Cakes. The golden pound cake squares come individually wrapped, six cakes to a 10-oz box.

The mini pound cakes will be available in supermarkets, supercenters, value retailers and convenience stores throughout the eastern United States.

“We’re excited about the return of a classic variety to the Drake’s lineup,” said Chip Stenberg, associate brand manager for Drake’s. “Drake’s Mini Pound Cakes are great for individual snacking or as the foundation of an easy-to-make dessert, coupled with fresh fruit or the topping of your choice.”

The new product announcement comes just a few months after McKee introduced Drake’s Starlight Brownies. Starlight Brownies are fudge brownies topped with chocolate-flavored icing and white candy-coated chocolate chips.

McKee Foods has steadily reintroduced different Drake’s sweet baked goods since acquiring the brand from Hostess Brands in 2013.