How can companies influence consumers about grains? What is the key to combining health and indulgence? Will C.B.D. be a mainstay in the bakery market?

At least one of these questions is on the mind of every baker and snack producer, and all of them — and others — will be answered at Fresh Take Talks presented by the Grain Foods Foundation (G.F.F.) at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), held Sept. 7-11 in Las Vegas.

“When Fresh Take Talks first launched at IBIE 2016, we were overwhelmed with the industry response we received and eager to expand the program for 2019,” said Christine Cochran, executive director, G.F.F. “This year’s roster has exceeded our expectations. We successfully grew the program from 11 to 14 presentations to include more diverse content.”

The 20-minute presentations will take place throughout IBIE, and feature experts with a variety of backgrounds and knowledge. Formatted to be a TED Talk-style environment, the brief sessions also give attendees the opportunity for personal interaction with  speakers.

The consumer viewpoint

A significant portion of Fresh Take Talks revolves around consumers: how to reach them and how to alter their perception of the industry. In “Marketing Food & Nutrition: The Journalist Perspective,” Samantha Cassetty, founder of Samantha Cassetty Nutrition & Wellness, L.L.C., previous nutrition director for Good Housekeeping and author of multiple dieting books, will share tips and strategies on how a bakery and its products can be approachable to consumers. “The Battle For Consumer Influence – Who is Winning?” will feature Stephen McCauley, with The Ginger Network, who seeks to give counsel on brand and marketing issues.

Helping bakers and organizations understand why consumers don’t agree with their perspectives and offering ways to resolve miscommunication and disagreements, Vance Crowe, a communications consultant, will present the session “Anti-Grain Tribes: Who They Are & How to Reach Them.” And Glenn Gaesser, professor at Arizona State University’s College of Health Solutions, will explain why “Refined Grains, Even Donuts, Aren’t the Bad Guy.”

The now, and upcoming, trends

Other sessions focus on specific fads or mainstays in the industry. Kate Scarlata, a registered and dietitian nutritionist, will share the ins and outs of the popular FODMAP diet in “WTF: What The FODMAP?” As a holistic cannabis practitioner, culinary nutritionist and registered dietitian and nutritionist, Janice Bissex from Jannabis Wellness will answer the question “C.B.D.: Latest Fad or Here to Stay” in her talk. She currently advises clients on access, ratio, consumption methods and baking methods of cannabis and sells a line of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp/C.B.D. products.

“Combining Healthy and Indulgence: How Functional Carbohydrates Make Baked Goods Healthier” will be presented by Kyle Krause and Denisse Colindres with Beneo, a global supplier of functional ingredients. They will discuss the value and application of chicory root fiber in bakery items and other ways to incorporate healthful ingredients into indulgent products.

When it comes to trending agricultural methods, Henry Gordon-Smith with Agritecture Consulting will speak on urban agriculture practices in “Vertical Farming: Your Ingredients Are Growing Up.” He co-founded the Association for Vertical Farming and currently assists vertical farming entrepreneurs through studies, recruitment and system design.   

Looking to the future, Yanni Papanikolaou, who is an author and has held various positions with The Kellogg Co., will present “A World Without Grains: Why Research Says No.” Dr. Irwin Adam, with the Future of Food Studio and BEVLAB takes a more generalized approach in the session “The Future of Food: Where We Are & Where We Are Going.”

The personal experience

In addition to speakers sharing knowledge, many will share experiences. After serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Markey Culver founded The Women’s Bakery in Kigali, Rwanda, and goes by the mantra “we can, therefore we must.” Her session is called “An Invitation to See Bread Differently.”

Missy and Lionel Vatinet opened La Farm Bakery, Cary, N.C., in 1999. They will tell their story and discuss their mission to continue centuries-old French baking traditions and techniques in “Impacting the Grain Movement One Grain at a Time.”

As the main Fresh Take Talks event, sisters Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne will speak about “Building and Maintaining a Passion Brand in the Baking Industry.” These co-founders and co-owners of Georgetown Cupcake, stars of DC Cupcakes on TLC and best-selling authors of multiple cookbooks have been featured in a variety of publications and programs. The bakery has become a destination for cupcake lovers around the world.

“We’re especially excited to hear from our featured speakers, the founders of Georgetown Cupcake, to learn about their journey in building a passion brand in the baking industry,” Ms. Cochran said. “As a bonus, they will bring some delicious cupcakes with them, so it’s safe to say everyone is looking forward to sampling these DC delicacies.”

Ms. Cochran herself is also a Fresh Take Talks speaker, having promoted the role of grain foods through G.F.F. since 2012. Her session is called “Going Local: My Community Supported Agriculture Story.”

“G.F.F.’s mission is rooted in using research and scientific data to promote the benefits of grain foods in a healthy dietary pattern,” Ms. Cochran said. “The lineup of Fresh Take Talks’ researchers, consultants, nutritionists, specialty bakers and more are a perfect extension of this mission to provide a fresh take on the importance of grains in our diets, culture and economy.”

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