AMF Bakery Systems is launching a new website to help its global customers understand the company’s growing portfolio of complete bakery solutions.

While AMF remains a leader in high-speed soft bun and bread production, the integration of AMF Tromp (formerly Tromp Group) and AMF Den Boer expanded the company’s capabilities to include fully integrated production solutions for a wider range of products. The goal of the new website is to highlight these solutions across five product segments: soft bread and buns, artisan bread and rolls, pizza and flatbreads, cakes and pies, pastries, and croissants.

With AMF Tromp technologies, customers gain access to sheeting, laminating, decorating and depositing solutions. AMF Den Boer provides customers a more diverse range of proofing, baking, cooling, conveying and handling solutions. Offering the widest range of automated baking technologies allows AMF to focus on what’s best for the customer, determining the most optimal production solution specific to the customer’s needs to ensure enduring success.

 “In addition to its wide-reaching, broadly applicable and scalable system solutions, AMF invests in its customers’ success,” said Diana Boxey, global marketing director. “Working alongside our bakery customers, AMF’s dedicated product specialists determine the best technologies for today’s bakery needs while looking forward to future product line growth.”

The new website will provide detailed information on a range of technologies from mixer to marketplace while offering easy, click-to-call access to regional sales and service contacts. “Empowering bakeries to rise” is the goal of the website, Ms. Boxey said, and visitors will gain access to customer care services like the AMFMethod Documentation and Training tool as well as new learning opportunities at the AMF Tromp Innovation Center.

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