Jeff Dearduff has been assembling the pieces for Gold Standard Baking to raise the Chicago-based company’s performance to a championship level. It’s involved a new game plan, instilling a winning attitude and recruiting a veteran team of coaches to execute it all.

“We have an aggressive growth plan and a dynamic marketing effort as this company looks forward,” Mr. Dearduff, president and chief executive officer told Baking & Snack for its September issue.

Gold Standard recently introduced 15 items, including everything from re-engineered cinnamon rolls that remain soft throughout their shelf life to a savory counterpart that hits on the fusion food trend sweeping the country.

“Imagine an everything bagel, but in a cinnamon roll format,” noted Haq Chaudary, chief commercial officer and general manager. “It looks like a cinnamon roll and has the nice bite of a Danish that can be a savory breakfast sandwich or eaten as a snack for lunch.”

The bakery also launched the 37th Street Bakery brand for its larger Danish and cinnamon rolls and the Miss Emmie’s line for smaller portioned sweet goods.

“Miss Emmie’s is our fun brand that targets retail, c-store, in-store bakeries and anyplace where grab-and-go is sold,” Mr. Dearduff explained.

Altogether, the new playbook allows Gold Standard to compete in the major leagues, especially with the largest players in the in-store bakery channel.

“We realized that we not only have the right to play in it,” Mr. Chaudary noted, “but we also have the right to win in it.”