BARCELONA — Connecting Food, a French blockchain start-up, has won Europastry’s Baking the Future Challenge. Launched with Eatable Adventures in June, the competition asked start-ups to solve one of three problems: How can Europastry use e-commerce and distribution technologies to make bread more affordable and accessible to consumers? How can Europastry improve the traceability of its products? What products can Europastry develop to meet the changing needs of consumers?

More than 80 start-ups from 14 countries entered the contest. In the closing round of the competition, held at Europastry’s R.&D. center in Barcelona, finalists pitched solutions to the company’s management team, which included Jordi Gallés, chief executive officer; Daniel Calvo, managing director for Iberia; Jordi Fabregat, director of operations and investment development; and Joan Quílez, director of technology.

Connecting Food was awarded the top prize for its blockchain technology that would enhance the traceability of Europastry’s products. Through the start-up’s platform, consumers could   instantly connect with farmers and learn about ingredients used in the bakery’s breads and pastries. As the contest winner, Connecting Food will gain access to Europastry’s R.&D. departments, obtain preferential trading and distribution agreements and potentially receive a €100,000 investment from Europastry.

Two other finalists were recognized by the bakery for their submissions. French home delivery company Croustillant presented technology that delivers freshly baked products to consumers’ doorsteps before they wake up. Belgian start-up Neareo showcased a Q.R. code application that allows users to obtain bakery product information. Europastry will work with the two businesses to offer new technological solutions to its customers.