CHICAGO — McDonald’s Corp. will begin a 12-week test of a plant-based burger in Canada beginning Sept. 30. The burger, called the P.L.T. (Plant, Lettuce, Tomato), is made with a Beyond Meat patty and will be offered in 28 McDonald’s restaurants in southwestern Ontario.

“We’ve been working on our recipe and now we’re ready to hear feedback from our customers,” said Ann Wahlgren, vice-president of global menu strategy.

The new burger features a sesame seed and the patty has been formulated to mimic the taste of conventional McDonald’s hamburgers, according to the company.

“During this test, we’re excited to hear what customers love about the P.L.T. to help our global markets better understand what’s best for their customers,” Ms. Wahlgren said. “This test allows us to learn more about real-world implications of serving the P.L.T., including customer demand and impact on restaurant operations.”

The new menu item will be priced at C$6.49.