WINNIPEG, MAN. — Paterson Globalfoods (PGF) has announced plans to build a new oat mill in Winnipeg.

“Paterson’s new oat mill will allow PGF to continue to diversify its commodity business with value-added products for the benefit of consumers and farmers alike,” said Andrew Paterson, president and chief executive officer.

The new oat mill to be known as O Foods Ltd. When the facility is completed it will annually process up to 250,000 tonnes of raw oats. The oat mill will produce a full range of high health oat products for the global market.

The mill will be situated on Manitoba’s private rail siding, consisting of 260 rail cars serviced by Canadian Pacific, Canadian National and BNSF. The rail line will service the North American market.

Construction will commence immediately.

Established in 1908 as N.M. Paterson & Company Ltd., Paterson GlobalFoods is a private, family owned, agri-food business with a long-standing history deeply rooted in Canadian agriculture. The company operates 36 terminals, elevators and ag centers across the Canadian Prairies.