Manual operations sometimes can’t keep up. So, Handtmann designed a solution to help bakers deal with the day-to-day stress of filling new orders when they outstrip their manual operation that provides an efficient, effective alternative with a secure ROI.

The VF 800 vacuum filler with LCD linear cutting device delivers gram-accurate portions at up to 200 cuts per minute in one direction. That rate increases when wirecutting vertically in a small footprint.

“Inserts also make it a flexible option for producing a wide variety of product shapes, sizes and textures,” said Cesar Zelaya, bakery sales and technology manager, Handtmann. He added that LCD insert shapes can also be customized for holiday and other special occasion products and that it produces shapes with up to a 3.83-in. diameter.

The machine’s pneumatic cylinders power the LCD’s clean-dividing devices. “Its hardened stainless-steel blades make clean cuts with doughs, through inclusions and with the densest bars,” Mr. Zelaya said.

Easy-to-operate vacuum filler and LCD disassembly enable faster washdown and product changeovers.

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