PARIS — Algaia S.A. and Herbstreith & Fox KG Germany are cooperating to provide a sustainable combination of pectin and alginates for multiple baking applications. The companies will market single ingredients and blends. The combination of pectin and alginates provides better functionality and high stability in applications, including bakery filling, bakery topping, pies or cookies that use fruit preparations, according to the two companies.

Algaia, based in Lannilis, France, works with local fishermen to harvest brown algae used to produce alginates. Herbstreith & Fox KG, based in Germany, produces citrus-based pectin and apple-based pectin as well as fibers extracted from apple and citrus raw material.

“By offering expertise in the single ingredients and adding the blending as service on top, this collaboration gives customers the commitment to excellence they are seeking and (provides) the best functionality, highest quality and full traceability,” said Sven Fox, chief executive officer of H&F.

Algaia and H&F researched multiple pectin and alginates for two years to determine the most effective systems involving a specific combination of the raw materials (both seaweed and fruit), the extraction processes and formulations.

“The origin of the seaweed plus the type of extraction technique, and in the combination with the right pectin, all are critical for providing the best customer and consumer experience,” said Fabrice Bohin, c.e.o. of Algaia. “However, we also acknowledge that today’s customers rightly demand a high level of transparency and traceability in the solution they choose, while consumers want to know the source of each ingredient with simple, easy-to-understand labels. Working with H&F ensures that our customers will receive German-origin pectin combined with fresh, wild seaweed alginate from France. Since both companies share the same vision, we offer our customers full transparency.”