TOTOWA, N.J. — Corbion has completed construction on a new warehousing facility at its Totowa plant. Known as Project Fusion, the initiative consolidated three New Jersey warehouses into a single unit that is co-located with the plant.

The Totowa site serves a variety of commercial bakeries, distributors and wholesalers from across the globe. More than 200 employees work at the operation, generating 650,000 lbs of product daily.

The new 392,000-square-foot warehouse space allows the ingredient supplier to significantly reduce material and personnel movement between sites, improve quality and reliability and accommodate future growth, said Wesley Wong, operations assistant, Corbion. 

“Project Fusion is the future of operations here in Totowa,” said Tony McHugh, plant director, Corbion. “It will enable us to become more efficient and more reliable for both ourselves and our customers.”

With the new facility, the company can do more in one central location.


“Project Fusion brings all warehouse functions, including pre-scale and kitting operations, under a single roof,” Mr. Wong explained. “Materials will be received, tested, weighed, kitted and sent directly to the onsite production facility. And post-production, the warehouse will receive the finished goods before they are distributed to our customers.”

The warehouse also will help Corbion improve its carbon footprint. The design allows the ingredient supplier to store products more efficiently with features such as automatic light sensors to cut down on its energy use.

“But it’s the elimination of truck movements between the separate warehouse sites we’re phasing out that will make the greatest impact by far in reducing our carbon emissions going forward,” Mr. Wong said.