The AccuTech Pan Oiler from Shaffer, a Bundy Baking Solution, provides accurate spraying technology for release agents. With Precise Pulse Width Modulation nozzle control for accurate release agent placement, the pan oiler is engineered to minimize waste, improve sanitation and reduce maintenance.

“The advanced programming allows for precise control over the amount, rate and pattern of release agent application and provides real-time spray verification,” said Kirk Lang, vice-president, Shaffer.

The oiler was designed for large wholesale bakeries that use inline equipment for release agents. Together with the launch of release agents from Synova, a Bundy Baking Solution, Shaffer can offer a versatile line of products to maintain high levels of efficiency on a production line.

The machine provides consistent oil temperature throughout the system and has recipe-managed settings for pan size, nozzle position and oil placement.

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