DELFT, THE NETHERLANDS — Royal DSM has added BakeZyme Fresh XL and BakeZyme Master to its BakeZyme portfolio. The two maltogenic amylase systems enable the production of baked foods such as sandwiches and tortilla wraps with longer-lasting softness and sensory properties, according to the company, which is based in The Netherlands.

BakeZyme Fresh XL has been designed to increase moistness and resilience in bread. BakeZyme Master is a premium amylase that has a similar level of performance as BakeZyme Fresh XL and improves the resilience and foldability of baked foods. BakeZyme Master improves the foldability of tortilla wraps, preventing cracking at folding points.

“Consumers are increasingly embracing convenient food, and bread is no exception,” said Kjeld van de Hoef, business director for baking at DSM. “At DSM, we understand that delivering on all consumer needs, from improved texture to longer lasting freshness, can be a challenge for bakers. That is why we have developed our new maltogenic amylase solutions, BakeFresh XL and BakeZyme Master. We are proud to partner with our customers to help them implement these new freshness solutions effectively to drive innovation and reduce food waste.”

Royal DSM will showcase BakeZyme Fresh XL and BakeZyme Master at Fi Europe in Paris Dec. 3-5.