Consumers are increasingly interested in high-protein, low-carbohydrate foods. To help bakers tap into that interest, MGP Ingredients offers Arise wheat protein isolates for a variety of applications including tortillas, pizza and flatbread crusts.

Arise is a highly concentrated source of protein, a minimum of 85 to 90% on a dry basis, that can help bakers achieve a “good source of protein” or an “excellent source of protein” claim. It also reduces carbohydrate loads.

“Increased protein intake while reducing carbohydrates is important to health-conscious consumers, and products formulated with Arise can help food companies capitalize on this enduring trend,” said Michael Buttshaw, vice-president of ingredients sales and marketing, MGP Ingredients.

While improving on nutrition, the Arise line of ingredients can also enhance functionality, including extensibility and elasticity. Arise 8000 can also help bakers achieve a clean label.

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