COLUMBUS, OHIO — Fred D. Pfening Co's board of directors has selected Fred D. Pfening IV to succeed his father, Fred D. Pfening III, as president of the family-owned baking equipment company.

As the business’ fourth-generation president, Mr. Pfening IV will guide Fred D. Pfening Co.'s development and maintain its core mission.

“I want to see us grow and keep expanding the products and services we offer,” Mr. Pfening IV explained. “I’m very proud of the history and reputation the Fred D. Pfening Co. has built over the last century. I want to continue that legacy of quality and excellence.”   

Prior to his promotion, Mr. Pfening IV held production management and accounting roles at the Fred D. Pfening Co.

“Having both a ground level and financial view of the work we do has been a great foundation for my new role in the company,” Mr. Pfening IV said.      

Mr. Pfening III joined the equipment company in 1976 and became president in 1989. During his tenure, the business developed new product lines such as liquid ingredient handling and high-speed mixers.

“Under his leadership the company has grown and prospered,” Mr. Pfening IV said. “He has instilled a better sense of teamwork and interdepartmental communication as fundamental values of our company’s culture. He values investing back in the company and its people. The high number of long-term employees we have speaks to his generosity and efforts to make the Pfening Co. a great place to work.”