Over the years, Gary Brodsky has been recognized with Catherine T. Clark Achievement Award in 1974, Baking & Snack Operations Executive of the Year in 2007 and Robert A. Fischer Award for his service to the American Society of Baking in 2009. But perhaps Mr. Brodsky’s induction into the 2020 Baking Hall of Fame is most fitting since he founded it in 2007 to recognize others who have contributed so much to the industry.

In his early career, Mr. Brodsky ascended through the ranks, working as an operations manager in multiple bakeries and even had the opportunity to work with Catherine Clark, founder of Brownberry and another Baking Hall of Famer. However, Mr. Brodsky made his mark by transforming the relationship of the baking and fast-food industries during his tenure at East Balt Bakeries. After successfully designing and growing 19 international plants, he developed the Supplier Covenant, a dedicated group of equipment leaders to meet the needs of East Balt and its food service partners.

A teacher and a mentor, he was A.S.B. chairman and made his mark serving on numerous association boards as well as teaching on the plant floor nearly every day. As Karlee Renkoski, associate editor, noted in her February report in Baking & Snack magazine, “Whoever created the phrase ‘Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach’ never had the opportunity to meet Gary Brodsky. This industry leader did it all and trained other professionals in the process.”

Mr. Brodsky still consults for the industry today — advising and mentoring as always.

“His efforts to teach, develop and nurture people in our industry are second to none,” said Larry Marcucci, chief executive officer, Alpha Baking Co.