WASHINGTON — The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted a range of patents to inventors of equipment, ingredients and processes related to the baking industry from Aug. 20, 2019 to Oct. 15, 2019

Uniform Prehydration process

Uniform prehydration process

To form a dough or batter with a variety of dry ingredients and a liquid, this mixing chamber evenly distributes ingredients as they pass a liquid spray nozzle, which can perform at various pressures. Not only does the mixing chamber provide uniform hydration, but it also allows for hydration without an excess of liquid.

US Patent No. 10,384,175 (Aug. 20, 2019), B. Hatch and B. Stratton, assigned to Bakery Concepts International, L.L.C., Mechanicsburg, Pa., and Stratton Sales and Service, Inc., Salt Lake City.

Oven with air restriction

Oven with air restriction

This oven has a baking stone inside a cooking chamber with upper and lower heating elements and temperature sensors. The chamber has an opening for easy access, and a casing surrounds the opening. For air flow restriction, one or more doors are provided.

US Patent No. 10,433,558 (Oct. 8, 2019), S. Froelicher and C. Adelmann, assigned to Haier US Appliance Solutions, Inc., Wilmington, Del.

Reducing Dough Gaps

Reducing dough gaps

In this patent, methods for making baked bread that use fiber or bran decrease the gaps in the crumb portion. All processes include a sheet of dough with a first and second surface made of flour, a liquid component, leavening agent, fiber or bran. In one option, each dough sheet is severed by a movable cutter, and dough pieces are released. In another option, the sheet is shaped and severed, pinching the first and second surfaces, then a movable cutter releases the dough pieces.

US Patent No. 10,433,562 (Oct. 8, 2019), J. Moidl et al., assigned to General Mills, Inc., Minneapolis.

Anti-staling agent

To prepare baked bread, starch dough incorporates a combination of two or more enzymes. These include maltogenic amylase at 120°F in an amount of 750 to 75,000 maltogenic amylase units (MAU) per kg of flour and amyloglucosidase in an amount of 0.01 to 3 amyloglucosidase units per MAU. The enzymes are effective anti-staling agents for the bread.

US Patent No. 10,433,563 (Oct. 8, 2019), A. Else et al., assigned to Corbion Group Netherlands BV, Amsterdam.

Snack bar

Snack bar

This patent displays a textured snack bar.

US Patent No. D862,830 (Oct. 15, 2019), K. Briant et al., assigned to Mondelez Europe GmbH, Glattpark, Switzerland.