Consumers may be cutting carbs, but King’s Hawaiian Bakery is not feeling the pinch. Despite overall declining bread sales, the company has experienced double-digit growth the past few years, said Chad Donvito, chief marketing officer for King’s Hawaiian.



“We haven’t necessarily had to compete with this health-based or gluten-based trend,” he said. “It’s been more about how King’s Hawaiian can come in and create great experiences for people.”

In this episode of Since Sliced Bread, Mr. Donvito shares how King’s Hawaiian invested in a marketing message that embraced the products’ shareable, celebratory nature. With TV commercials, in-store displays and a strong social media presence, King’s Hawaiian has celebrated the idea that food can be a pleasurable part of life and doesn’t have to be relegated to only serving as nutritious fuel for the body.

While the company’s rolls have powered much of that growth and messaging, the sliced bread category might still have some insights to gain from authentic marketing in the two avenues Mr. Donvito discusses in this episode. 

Editor's note: This is the last episode of Since Sliced Bread's first season. Be on the lookout for season two when it premieres in April.  

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