LONDON — Tate & Lyle PLC has invested in and partnered with Zymtronix, an Ithaca, N.Y.-based enzyme immobilization technology developer.

Zymtronix’s platform was designed to improve the efficiency and sustainability of enzyme-based industrial processes by immobilizing enzymes onto magnetic metamaterials. It has broad application in the food and beverage, flavor and fragrance and agricultural industries, the companies said.

Tate & Lyle will use the technology to scale up production by improving the productivity of biocatalysis.

The two companies were brought together at Rabobank’s TERRA Accelerator in San Francisco. Michael Harrison, former chief technology officer at Tate & Lyle, joined Zymtronix’s board as part of the partnership.

“We are excited to harness the power of Zymtronix’s enzyme immobilization platform, which will make our manufacturing processes more efficient,” said Andrew Taylor, president of innovation and commercial development at Tate & Lyle. “The platform also has the potential to accelerate our ability to make our ingredient solutions accessible to more consumers.”