BALTIMORE — Fuchs North America has launched a line of flavors specifically for plant-based foods.

The Next Level Vegan Collection includes a creamy garlic sauce base and a matcha vegan ice cream base, along with a mango seasoning blend for dairy-free yogurt. It also features a meatless burger base designed for depth of flavor.

“A common complaint among consumers about plant-based burgers is that they don’t taste enough like meat,” said Howard Cantor, corporate executive chef at Fuchs North America.

The new items may serve as a starting point for food manufacturers and foodservice establishments to develop signature product offerings, Fuchs said. They were designed to appeal to flexitarian consumers and those who may be experimenting with plant-based foods.

“Consumers are turning to vegan alternatives for their favorite foods for a variety of reasons — primarily for health and environmental concerns,” said Shannon Cushen, director of marketing at Fuch’s North America. “Even those with less adventurous palates have been stepping outside of the comfort zones and trying plant-based foods purely out of curiosity.”