WASHINGTON — “Millers are taking a comprehensive approach to ensure the consistent delivery of safe, nutritious and affordable flour and flour-based food products to consumers in the United States and North America,” said James A. McCarthy, president and chief executive officer of the North American Millers’ Association.

Key to sustaining a consistent supply of flour during the coronavirus pandemic is maintaining the health of the milling industry workforce, Mr. McCarthy said. A plus amid the current contagion is that the nature of flour milling work does not require workers to operate in close proximity to one another, he said. Additionally, the industry is following Centers for Disease Control guidance and has taken additional precautionary steps, including employing social distancing procedures where applicable, providing additional health screening of employees, using additional safety gear and products, including masks, respirators and sanitizers, and increasing in the frequency of cleaning, deep cleaning and the use of anti-viral cleansers.

NAMA together with other food and ingredient companies is collaborating with the White House Coronavirus Task Force to do its part to ensure a reliable supply of safe food.

“The milling industry has faced emergencies and natural disasters before, and the milling industry will continue serving our communities each and every day,” he said.