AMES, IOWA — Dirk Maier, a professor in agricultural and biosystems engineering at Iowa State University, recently received the Outstanding Achievement in International Agriculture Award. 

Mr. Maier, who regularly contributes articles to World Grain, a sister publication of Milling & Baking News, is a leading expert in stored product protection and delivery of quality grains. His international activities have benefited Iowa agriculture and rural development.

Mr. Maier played an active role in establishing the Middle East and Africa Training Center for Feed Manufacturing in Tunisia, a collaborative effort that involved multiple government agencies. During its first year, more than 200 industry professionals from Tunisia and Algeria were trained.

His work as director of the international Consortium for Innovation in Post-Harvest Loss and Food Waste Reduction has enhanced the international reputation of Iowa State as a leader in the fight against food waste and insecurity.

As principal investigator or co-principal investigator, Mr. Maier’s programs have secured approximately $25 million, of which more than $5 million were procured while at Iowa State University.

Mr. Maier has published 262 reports, including 77 refereed journal articles; presented 74 invited lectures in 17 countries; mentored 40 graduate students; and sponsored 14 postdoctoral scholars.