NEW YORK — HelloFresh announced a new goal to offset 100% of its carbon emissions. The meal kit company will partner with terrapass, a company specializing in carbon offsetting, to fund environmental projects aimed at reducing green-house gas emissions.

It also will introduce carbon-saving programs across all of its US brands, including Green Chef and EveryPlate.

HelloFresh already has instituted several initiatives, including using only lightweight packaging, avoiding heavy or excessively large generic packaging and using recyclable packaging whenever possible. It uses data analytics to predict customer orders and minimize food waste throughout the supply chain. Analytics also are used to reduce food waste at home by shipping only the exact amount of ingredients needed to prepare a meal, HelloFresh said.

The partnership with terrapass is expected to offset at least 50,000 tonnes of carbon and 24,000 megawatt hours of electricity.

“Now more than ever before, people are relying on HelloFresh for fresh food deliveries,” said Jeff Yorzyk, director of sustainability at HelloFresh. “We want to take measurable steps to minimize our environmental impact and make meal kits an even more sustainable option for our customers. Our mission to change the way people eat disrupts a broken food system with needless greenhouse gas emissions by cutting out the middleman and drastically reducing food waste. We’re proud to partner with terrapass to offset 100% of our carbon emissions to tip the balance even further.”