If you’re suffering from cabin fever or feeling down, one great cure is to look for ways to help others. Some, like Kemper Foods International, have come up with a creative way to collaborate with groups, organizations and foundations that support good causes with the concept of Delicious Awareness Ribbons. Shaped in a loop and sized like the ribbons themselves, the edible handheld snacks with a social conscious come in different colors to encourage public awareness for health, social causes or other worthy issues.

“We’re making fun foods — foods with a purpose,” said Mike Kemper, chief executive officer and founder of Kemper Foods, which hold the design patent for the product. “They’re cutting-edge, great-tasting, food-safe ideas for supporting a variety of causes.”

Specifically, the food manufacturer develops fully baked snacks using a cornucopia of doughs and popular fillings. So far, the company has rolled out several prototypes, such as mixing strawberry and cream cheese to create a pink filling for breast cancer awareness or a blueberry and cream cheese mix to reflect the purple color for Alzheimer’s disease awareness. With the Delicious Awareness Ribbons initiative, Mr. Kemper has had discussions with various organizations and is currently searching for the best opportunity to help support a worthy cause while providing the proper execution and support that it does with all its customers.

When it comes to new product development, Kemper Foods is up to almost any challenge. In fact, Mr. Kemper has a plaque on his desk quoting the legendary Walt Disney saying, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

That’s a great attitude for curing the at-home blues.