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This is an unprecedented time in the food industry. The internet has democratized many aspects of society, and food manufacturing has not escaped its effects. E-commerce, crowdfunding, social media and the power of search engines have made it possible for almost anyone with an idea to try a hand at launching a baking or snack company.

In season two of Since Sliced Bread, we hear from people who “accidentally” started baking and snack companies. With no background or formal training in baking or food manufacturing, these entrepreneurs had an idea and some gumption and found success in the bakery and snack aisles. We’ll tell the stories of how they got started, the challenges they faced and how they are disrupting their categories — or in some cases — how they are creating completely new ones.

In this first episode, we sat down with Monica Watrous, managing editor of Food Business News. She has also been spearheading Sosland Publishing’s latest publication Food Entrepreneur. She’ll explain what’s making it possible for these emerging businesses to find a space on the shelf and become true competitors to more established snack and bakery companies.

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