BUFFALO, NY. — Rich Products Corp. has acquired Rich Graviss Products Private Ltd., through a share purchase from its partner Graviss Group, a Mumbai-based conglomerate.

Based in Mumbai, Rich Graviss supplies icings, whipped toppings, gels, cooking creams and semi-finished products to foodservice operators and bakeries throughout India. The company was formed in 1995 as a joint venture between Rich’s and Graviss Group to produce non-dairy creams and whipped toppings for India’s bakery and foodservice sectors.

Jeff Kim, president and chief operating officer of Global Markets, Rich’s, noted that the acquisition would generate new opportunities in the region for the company.

“As a global food industry player, we’re routinely looking for ways to drive growth and transform our portfolio,” he said. “Our ability to expand our product offerings, add new capabilities and technologies and enter new geographies are key elements of our strategic acquisition efforts. Fully investing in this business furthers our ability to create opportunities for our customers, while driving growth across India and beyond.”