ROBESONIA, PA. — Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) has announced it will launch the RBS Virtual Snack Seminar Series, a series of informational webinars focused on innovations in processing technologies and snack products.

“With travel on‐hold and industry events canceled, there is a greater need for virtual customer support, engagement and education,” said Shawn Moye, vice president of sales at RBS. “We are pleased to be able to serve the snack food industry by offering technical expertise from key members of the RBS team. The RBS Virtual Snack Seminar Series will prove to be invaluable by keeping our customers up to date on industry trends and new technology to help improve their operations.”

The seminar series will feature individual webinars that focus on industry trends, specific challenges with various snack industry applications and the technologies to solve those issues. The first three seminars in the series have been scheduled. The details of each seminar are below:

  • “Innovations in healthy sheeted baked snacks” — May 19, 11 a.m. EST. Ken Zvoncheck, director of process technology at RBS, will discuss the rapidly growing baked crisp snack category and the equipment needed to produce these snacks.
  • “New emithermic oven for better baking of biscuits and cookies” — May 28, 9 a.m. EST. Joe Pocevicius, sales manager, Europe, will highlight the ways to achieve a more balanced bake, better energy‐efficiency, and more effective use of radiant heat in the baking process.
  • “Continuous mixing for snack foods: Why continuous mixing may be a better choice for your operation” — June 9, 11 a.m. EST. Jim Warren, vice president of exact mixing at RBS, will discuss how continuous mixing addresses manufacturing challenges, what industry segments have embraced continuous mixing, and why continuous mixing may be a better choice than batch mixing.

For more information on the RBS Virtual Snack Seminar Series, including registration, please visit: