INDIANAPOLIS — Epogee Foods was named one of the Top 50 AgTech Companies of the Year by SVG Ventures – Thrive. 

The annual ranking showcases leading global AgTech companies that have received a minimum of Series A funding and have a product in market that is scaling. Top 50 companies are scouted for their leadership technology, investment and traction.

“We are excited, honored and proud that Epogee has been recognized for this global award,” said Tom Burrows, chief executive officer at Epogee LLC. “Our goal is to improve the health of society by addressing the largest unmet need in food, great tasting food with dramatically lower calories. Our new ingredient technology, EPG, does exactly that and we are excited that our efforts are being recognized. This is just the beginning of an exciting new revolution, as we help food and beverage manufacturers keep the flavor but lose the calories.”

Epogee’s EPG fat replacer reduces calories from fat by 92% and total calories by as much as 45% while leaving taste and texture intact. It has a Generally Recognized As Safe status for use in a variety of food and beverage products, including confections and bars, baked foods and mixes, frozen dairy and desserts, spreads, dip, gravies and sauces, peanut and nut butters, grain products and pasta as well as frying applications.

“As obesity continues to be a key driver of overall well-being, the FDA made clear in their updated ingredient declaration that calories matter,” Mr. Burrows said. “Consumers are also very concerned about lowering calories without sacrificing taste. Epogee can assist food and beverage manufacturers, as well as foodservice operators, in addressing the caloric content of their products in a way that consumers will love.”

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