As the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) evaluates whether conventional dry yeast is acceptable for organic baked goods, Lesaffre Corp. developed its Red Star Organic Dry Yeast to enable commercial bakers to produce organic bakery items even if NOSB decides to sunset conventional yeast from its standards.

“This is the first organic yeast product that craft bakers can use to satisfy organic baking regulations,” said Bill Hanes, vice president, marketing and strategy, Lesaffre. “There are no similar products in the market. Craft bakers have been forced to use non-organic yeast.”

With Red Star Organic, Mr. Hanes said bakers can expect the same performance as conventional yeast from Lesaffre. It provides consistent yeast performance and product quality, but it’s not solvent-extracted, synthetically preserved or irradiated. It’s also compatible with all fermentation processes.

Red Star Organic is now available from 8-oz to 10-kg packaging for bakers of all capacities. It can be used in a variety of baked goods such as artisan breads, English muffins, bagels, flatbreads, baguettes, crackers, pizza crusts, sweet doughs and more.