Handtmann’s 4.0 digital performance tools help bakeries address ambitious operational efficiency targets more simply, deal with changing products and fluctuating requirements more easily, and optimize equipment uptime and deploy operating personnel more productively.

Functions include service interval support, cloud-based data transfer, machine and processing data collection, parameter monitoring, intelligent parameter suggestions, automated machine setup guide for each product, and 4.0 integration into existing ERP systems.

“Handtmann’s digital performance options also provide more real-time transparency that lets bakers simplify smooth running for plant, production and technology managers,” said Patrick McGady, national sales manager. “Handtmann 4.0 technologies deliver tangible bottom-line value with every batch, and their functionality is scalable and adaptable to specific company requirements.”

The technology was designed for bakeries of any size looking to increase ongoing returns on investment and that may need to integrate performance data into their business systems. The 4.0 connectivity solves barriers to higher performance like inconsistency in product weight, bottlenecks and inefficiencies on a line.