When Daniel Kurzrock discovered he could bake bread out of the spent grains leftover from his craft beer brewing hobby, he did not imagine this would become his life’s work. He was just hoping that by selling that bread, he could make enough money to pay for more brewing supplies. However, the more he and his eventual business partner Jordan Schwartz looked into food waste and the current food system of the United States, the more opportunity they saw for spent grains to revolutionize the industry.

“We got fascinated with the food industry, and we saw this move toward products that were better for you and better for the planet and figured if we could develop a viable ingredient supply chain we could help food companies develop products that were more marketable as well,” he said during a recent episode of Since Sliced Bread.

After developing a proprietary technology for turning spent brewing grains into a food-safe flour called SuperGrain+, Mr. Kurzrock and Mr. Schwartz founded ReGrained, Berkeley, Calif. The company uses the flour in its line of branded snacks that includes nutrition bars and puffs.

In this episode of Since Sliced Bread, Mr. Kurzrock shares the challenges they’ve faced not just creating ReGrained but also developing a supply chain that aims to close a food waste loop.

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