WESTCHESTER, ILL. — Ingredion, Inc. has made Novelose 3490 available in the United States. The ingredient may be used to develop high-fiber bakery and snack products that help support digestive wellness.

The insoluble dietary fiber is derived from tapioca and is classified as a type 4 resistant starch (RS4), which meets the US Food and Drug Administration’s fiber definition.

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, recognizes Novelose 3490 as low FODMAP certified. FODMAP is an acronym for fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols. A low FODMAP diet has been shown to be effective in helping to manage digestive wellness, according to Monash University.

“Dietary fibers continue to play an important role in digestive health,” said Carolyn Phillips, Ingredion’s market insights lead, North America. “Novelose 3490 dietary fiber provides manufacturers with an easy and affordable way to create high-fiber foods that support a low FODMAP diet.”  

Novelose 3490 dietary fiber may help food manufacturers achieve claims such as the Monash University “Low FODMAP Certified” seal, “good source of fiber,” “excellent source of fiber,” “gluten-free,” “not sourced from grains” and “non-GMO.” On product labels, the dietary fiber may be declared as a “modified tapioca starch,” “modified food starch” or “food starch modified.” 

Novelose 3490, which originally launched in the Asia Pacific region, is process tolerant and has a minimum total dietary fiber level of 85%. Novelose 3490 dietary fiber enables manufacturers to add fiber to foods with little to no impact on texture, flavor and color. The tapioca-based dietary fiber is ideal for use in bakery and snack applications, including bread, cookies, tortillas, cereals, bars and pastas, and has been shown to replace up to 50% of flour used in such applications.

In baked foods, Novelose 3490 enhances crispiness due to low water holding capacity, exhibits process tolerance in yeast, acid and heat, and improves machineability. In sheeted and extruded snacks, Novelose 3490 exhibits minimal water-holding capacity, provides process tolerance and fiber retention, and has been shown to impart rollability and sheet-ability.

In breakfast cereals and nutrition/breakfast bars, Novelose 3490 has been shown to improve texture and to extend bowl life in cereal and minimize water-binding in nutrition/breakfast bars. In pastas and noodles, the ingredient provides a tender texture, improved sheet-ability and more tolerance to overcooking, according to Ingredion.