The Vemag cookie dough depositor from Reiser allows bakers to automate their cookie production process, making it more efficient and cost effective. The Vemag is a solution for bakers who are turning down business because of production limitations or are facing labor challenges.

Jim Fontaine, bakery specialist for Reiser, said bakers looking to scale up from hand-scooping would be interested in the Vemag 500 for its high throughput, precise portioning and flexibility while reducing labor costs.

“Reiser offers a wide range of versatile Vemag cookie dough depositors to support operations of all sizes as they grow,” Mr. Fontaine said,

Vemag depositors produce preformed, ready-to-bake, exact-weight cookie dough portions. Changeovers are fast between any cookie shape or size, and the Vemag gently handles delicate inclusions. The system features a patented positive displacement double-screw pumping system that transports the dough gently, consistently and efficiently. With the addition of an indexing conveyor and panning conveyor, bakers can eliminate labor and speed up production.