WASHINGTON — The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted a range of patents to inventors of equipment, ingredients and processes related to the baking industry from Feb. 4-25, 2020.

Intercontinental Great Brands LLC, Patent

Snack product

A rounded and rectangular snack product is included in this patent.

US Patent No. D874,786 (Feb. 11, 2020), J. McGlade et al., assigned to Intercontinental Great Brands LLC, East Hanover, NJ.

Gotham Steel LLC, Patent

Muffin and cupcake tin

This pan for cupcakes or muffins has a plurality of cups to bake multiple products. It includes a first and second section that can be separated. The first portion represents half the sidewalls of the cupcakes and muffins, and the second creates the part of the sidewalls and the bottoms of the product. The tin includes two handles for easier use.

US Patent No. 10,568,330 (Feb. 25, 2020), M. Levy, assigned to Gotham Steel LLC, Northvale, NJ.

Radie BV, Patent

Dough processing line

For sticky dough types such as gluten-free, this dough line has a conveyor, first and second contact surfaces, and a moulding unit. The line curls dough pieces into a cylindrical shape, and it can be generated by an extruder with three or five rollers rather than a low-stress sheeter.

US Patent No. 10,568,332 (Feb. 25, 2020), J. Van Blockland, assigned to Radie BV, Culemborg, The Netherlands.

Cocoa butter substitute

This trans fat-free cocoa butter substitute for chocolate compositions has a lower quantity of saturated fatty acids than cocoa butter, common substitutes and lauric fats. In one process, a chocolate compound has between 28% and 40% cocoa butter substitute and, in another, between 32% and 37%. The chocolate composition is used to coat cakes, rolls, cookies and other baked foods.

US Patent No. 10,548,334 (Feb. 4, 2020), A. Fernanda and C. Alvarez, assigned to Team Foods Colombia SA, Bogota, Colombia.

Baked foods and pastry composition

Used to create low-gluten and low-carbohydrate baked goods and pastries, this composition incorporates flour from nuts or seeds, mucilage polysaccharide-containing plant products, and a protein component with at least 40% animal protein in dry weight. The ingredients allow for a maximum of 0.1% gluten — or preferably gluten-free — less than 10% carbohydrates and more than 10% protein.

US Patent No. 10,555,537 (Feb. 11, 2020), S. Charrak and M. Charrak, Bobenheim-Roxheim, Germany.