PARSIPPANY, NJ. — Beneo has introduced two new ingredients: Orafti organic chicory root fiber and Remyline O AX DR organic waxy rice starch.

The Orafti organic chicory root fiber, which will be available in September, is grown and harvested by organic farmers in Belgium. Inulin and oligofructose in chicory root fiber are plant-based prebiotic fiber, according to the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics. Orafti organic chicory root fiber has been shown to improve taste and texture while reducing sugar and fat in products like baked foods, cereal, dairy items and confectionery items, according to Beneo.

“Requests for organic chicory root fiber are constantly growing so we are pleased to be able to offer this solution to our customers, and be the first in the market to do so,” said Eric Neven, commercial managing director functional fibers for Beneo. “Beneo is confident this move to expand our overall organic ingredients portfolio will be highly appreciated by the industry and shows particular promise for new product developments in this growing area of the market.”

Remyline O AX DR will launch in July. The waxy rice starch contains no amylose, which means the ingredient delivers better stability and less syneresis, according to Beneo. It has been shown to work in fruit preparations, meat applications and poultry applications. Remyline O AX DR has been shown to improve the texture of creamy desserts and yogurts.

“The launch of Beneo’s new organic waxy rice starch is an important milestone for us as it means we can now offer our customers organic variants for both our waxy and regular rice starches,” said Marc-Etienne Denis, commercial managing director specialty rice ingredients for Beneo. “We see great potential for this new solution, especially within meat and poultry, as consumers worldwide place special emphasis on organic products when buying meat.”