SALINAS, CALIF. — New from Naturipe Farms are Bliss Bentos, a line of snack packs that pair fresh fruit with granola and nuts or chickpeas. The trays contain 200 to 220 calories and will be available beginning July 13.

The Chocolate Cheer Bliss Bento includes blueberries, dark chocolate chunk granola clusters and dark chocolate covered chickpeas.

The Vanilla Crunch variety features blueberries and grapes, mini vanilla formed granola and honey roasted walnuts.

The Salty Caramelicious pack contains blueberries, salted caramel granola clusters and salted cashews.

The Berry Lemony Bliss Bento includes blueberries, lemon coconut granola clusters and yogurt almonds.

“The Bliss Bentos are a great option for a snack or dessert,” said CarrieAnn Arias, vice president of marketing at Naturipe. “There’s no doubt that consumers are still looking for sweet treats, but now it’s much more important to them that they have options they can feel good about eating. Our new Bliss Bentos offer the perfect balance of tasty and healthy.”

Naturipe also has rebranded its original snacks line as Boost Bentos, featuring updated packaging. The snack packs contain fruits, nuts and cheese.

“At Naturipe, we’re constantly innovating and elevating our products based on consumer research and changing behaviors,” said Steven Ware, vice president and general manager of Naturipe Snacks. “Consumers are snacking more than ever and looking for balanced, nutrient-rich options, whether it be a hearty snack or a little indulgence. Our Naturipe Snacks Boost and Bliss Bentos are designed to meet those snacking preferences.”