GRANT, NEB. — The Scoular Co. is expanding its North Grant loading and receiving facility in Nebraska.

Scoular is constructing a 2 million-bu storage building at the facility, along with two 300,000-bu grain bins and two truck dump pits. The project is expected to be complete by the start of the corn harvest.

On-site storage space will grow by 60% and total truck unloading capacity will improve to more than 70,000 bus per hour.

“This investment will greatly improve the truck lines for producers at Scoular’s North Grant facility,” said Rick Matousek, trade unit manager of Western Nebraska for Scoular. “More storage space means fewer transfer trucks. Traffic will flow the same way, but it will flow more smoothly and wait times will improve.”

The facility also will begin to accept soybeans in addition to corn and wheat.

The North Grant facility started with one storage building in 2007, with a second built in 2012.

According to Sosland Publishing Company’s 2020 Grain & Milling Annual, Scoular is the 11th largest company in North America in terms of grain storage capacity at 131 million tonnes.