WASHINGTON — The American Bakers Association has created its first-ever Membership Committee. The committee includes 10 member volunteer representatives tasked with supporting the strategy and growth of the association’s engagement with its members.

Cordia Harrington, founder and chief executive officer of The Bakery Cos. and first vice chair of the ABA’s board of directors, has been named chair of the committee. Jennifer Colfelt, vice president of operations and membership at the ABA, has been named a staff liaison as well as a member of the committee.

The other committee members, representing a mix of both baker and supplier members, include: 

  • Jaime Correa, Abimar
  • Brian Dwyer, The Kroger Co.
  • Tom McCurry, Cain Foods
  • Meaghan Meyer, CraftMark Bakery
  • Steve Scales, BakeMark
  • Mario Somoza, Pan Pepin
  • Kirk Stehr, Grain Craft
  • Joe Turano, Turano Baking Co.
  •  Brandon Woods, AMF Bakery

“Membership in the American Bakers Association demonstrates such immense value from both business and personal perspectives,” Ms. Harrington said. “I’m thrilled to lead this new committee to ensure existing and potential members understand and take advantage of this organization’s power.” 

Ms. Colfelt added, “Building and strengthening relationships with members are key to the industry’s success. The Membership Committee’s guidance will help ABA continue to promote and grow the baking industry.”

The ABA said the Membership Committee is its latest initiative to deepen connections with its members as the association enters the second year of the implementation of its three-year strategic plan. 

“ABA does a fantastic job of telling the baking industry’s story,” Ms. Harrington said. “Through the new Membership Committee, we will provide insight into how to tell the story of ABA to existing and new members.”