When the coronavirus (COVID-19) hit, the Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other government agencies provided a host of guidance on their websites. However, the ultimate answers to many questions involve assessing the facts of each case individually and often in conjunction with local or state authorities.

To help, AIB International began offering an array of virtual services, such as remote consulting, virtual inspections and online instruction and training. Now AIB International has introduced a Pandemic Prepared Certification for food and beverage manufacturers. The new program provides customers with assurances that companies are committed to establishing and maintaining best practices during a global event like the pandemic.

Steve Robert, global vice president of sales, marketing and innovation for AIB International, noted that many food and beverage businesses were “ill-prepared for a global pandemic and the associated disruption it created in nearly every aspect of business operations worldwide.” He added the new program helps companies across the supply chain prepare for the future.

To develop the program, AIB International employees met with representatives from regulatory agencies from across the globe as well as food company executives.

“What was really telling is that all of these companies each had something missing from their plans,” Mr. Robert said.

Today, baking and snack manufacturers need to be more prepared than ever as this crisis lingers to ensure food safety and maintain the confidence that consumers have in the nation’s food supply.