The pan cleaning system from Bundy Baking Solutions features a brush design that cleans not only the backside of the leading bar band but also the backside of the trailing bar band. Additionally, the brush height and tension can be preprogrammed for each pan set based on size and depth of the moulds to automatically provide cleaning settings for bakeries that use toppings or various prebake protein glazes on products.

The pan cleaner, in conjunction with a dust collector, mitigates dust migration and cross contamination. The brushes can also be easily changed out when an allergen-specific set is needed. All these features help bakers keep pans in rotation for longer.

“By reducing the frequency that pans need to be shipped out of the bakery for cleaning and recoating, it keeps our customers’ pans in their bakeries and in production,” said Trevor Walker, vice president of North American sales, Bundy Baking Solutions.

Mr. Walker said glazes and toppings left on pans using Americoat and Durashield coatings from Bundy Baking Solutions can damage coatings and shorten their release life. With the new cleaning system, bakers can reduce the need to buy new pan sets.