To bring sustainable sugar reduction to the baking industry, AB Mauri North America has partnered with Amyris to distribute its Purecane RebM sweetener to Canada, Mexico and the United States. Purecane is a zero-calorie sweetener developed by Amyris from fermented sugarcane. Not only is this ingredient  all-natural and clean label, but the production process also is environmentally friendly as the amount of sugarcane acreage necessary to produce the quantity of RebM produced by fermentation would not be sustainable. 

“By growing RebM through fermentation, Amyris also achieves a higher level of purity than would be found in nature,” said Mark Prendergast, president of AB Mauri North America. “The high purity allows us to avoid the bitter aftertaste associated with other RebM sweeteners.” 

Purecane is approximately 300 times sweeter than sugar. With AB Mauri’s formulating expertise, the company can create multi-faceted sugar reduction solutions with Purecane that address not only taste but also texture and color. 

“Purecane provides the sweetness of sugar but with zero calories,” Mr. Prendergast said. “AB Mauri builds the solution around Purecane to provide bulking, improve texture and deliver the color expected.”