WASHINGTON — The US Patent and Trademark Office issued a range of patents to product designs and equipment related to the baking industry from March 24 to May 12.


Patents, Mondelez

Ornamental cracker 

An ornamental design of a cracker is included in this patent.

US Patent No. D879,408 (Mar. 31, 2020), K. Briant et al., assigned to Mondelez Europe GmbH, Glattpark, Switzerland.

Patents, General Mills

Translucent, filled dough

The design for a translucent edible dough product with filling is shown and described in this patent.

US Patent No. D880,810 (April 14, 2020), J. Li, D. Wang, B. Sheng and Q. Shen, assigned to General Mills, Inc., Minneapolis.

Patents, Mafin

New textured snack chip

A different design for a ridged chip or snack is revealed in this patent.

US Patent No. D883,608 (May 12, 2020), E. Guidolin, assigned to Mafin SrL, Galliera Veneta, Italy.

Patents, Edible IP

Pumpkin donut

This patent unveils the design for a pumpkin-shaped donut.

US Patent No. D883,609 (May 12, 2020), L. Dion, assigned to Edible IP, LLC, Wallingford, Conn.

Patents, Reading

Humidity sensor

The high dew point, humidity sensor with Anti-Saturation Technology increases accuracy and ease of operation in baking and cooling environments. It prevents condesnation from accumulating on the internal sensor and communicates between the sensor chip and both intake and exhaust air samples. The sensor produces data unaffected by combustion gases as it measures dew point temperatures.

US Patent No. 10,598,646 (Mar. 24, 2020), D. Horning and R. Starke, assigned to Reading Thermal Systems, Sinking Spring, Penn.