RENO, NEV. — Mary's Gone Crackers is expanding its product line with the launch of three new Real Thin flavors: chipotle, olive oil and cracked black pepper, and tomato and basil.

“Our new flavors expand upon one of our most popular lines to grow consumers' options for healthful yet delicious snacks rooted in real nutrition,” said Jason Galante, vice president of sales at Mary's Gone Crackers. “We are really proud of our new varieties and will continue making strides toward innovation in the gluten-free and healthy snack categories.”

The new varieties include:

  • Chipotle — earthy, sweet and smoky with a spicy little kick to finish.
  • Tomato and basil — a classic pairing of tangy, sweet and savory.
  • Olive oil and cracked black pepper — rich and fruity olive notes combined with the sharp woody notes of black pepper.

Mary’s Gone Crackers said the new flavors are crafted with a specially formulated gluten-free flour blend, seasonings and chia seeds.

The current line of Real Thin flavors includes sea salt, garlic and rosemary, sweet onion and cayenne pepper. All seven flavors will retail for $3.99 nationwide throughout Canada and the United States and online.