WINSTON-SALEM, NC. — Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is expanding its pumpkin-flavored donut offerings with the launch of a pumpkin spice cinnamon roll donut. The new donut will join three returning varieties — pumpkin spice original glazed, pumpkin spice glazed, pumpkin spice original filled cheesecake — beginning Sept. 1.

“We’ve not only brought back your favorites, we’ve added a new pumpkin spice cinnamon roll donut and you’re going to love it,” saids Dave Skena, chief marketing officer of Krispy Kreme. “Plus, we’re making them every day all month long, so you’ll have the time to try them all.”

The pumpkin spice donut collection includes:

• Pumpkin spice original glazed donut — A classic original glazed donut with a pumpkin spice twist.

• Pumpkin spice cake donut — A spiced old-fashioned cake donut covered in a signature glaze.

• Pumpkin spice original filled cheesecake donut — A pumpkin spice original glazed donut with creamy cheesecake filing decorated with cheesecake icing.

• Pumpkin spice cinnamon roll donut — A pumpkin spice donut, tossed in a pumpkin spice sugar blend and topped with cream cheese icing and cinnamon schmear.