HOERSHOLM, DENMARK — Chr. Hansen has launched the F-DVS Pure Appeal culture to help pasta filata makers produce cheese with a tailored level of browning when the cheese is baked on top of pizza for the foodservice industry. Types of cheese include mozzarella and regional variants such as provolone, kashkaval and Oaxaca.

Pasta filata is the world’s largest and fastest growing cheese type, according to Chr. Hansen, which cites Bloomberg estimating it to reach €78.57 billion ($88.85 million) by 2027 through a compound annual growth rate of 5.5%.

F-DVS Pure Appeal culture reduces the degree of browning by up to 100% and enables pizza makers to achieve a predictable appearance every time, according to Chr. Hansen. The culture also helps to protect cheese from yeast and mold spoilage throughout the supply chain.

“As foodservice pizza continues its aggressive growth, globally, we are focused on addressing customer needs with practical solutions,” said Tony Salvador, commercial development manager, pasta filata for Chr. Hansen. “Pizzerias pride themselves on expedient service with intent to deliver pizza to their customers from point-of-sale to consumption as fast as possible. Having predictable cheese performance, and appearance, is critical and often times out of their control, especially ‘browning.’ One key reason is the need to optimize pizza baking time for faster delivery, hence increased oven temperature, which ‘burns’ the cheese. In addition, there is a distinct consumer trend toward whiter looking (less burned) pizza appeal.”