The OilSaver 700 filtration system from Heat and Control is the company’s newest oil management solution. It preserves frying oil quality and extends oil life with continuous high-efficiency filtration (down to 10 microns) and removes solids (e.g., coating, crumbs) while the fryer is in use. 

“This latest addition to Heat and Control’s catalogue advances our oil filtration capabilities and provides our clients with a safer option for manufacturing facilities,” said James Padilla, director of product development, Heat and Control.

Its pressure-free vacuum technology makes it safe by eliminating spraying of hot oil from the system. The OilSaver can accommodate 60 gallons per minute in a small area and recovers large quantities of oil by discharging a dry cake of fines. The OilSaver can be used with any fryer and keeps frying oil in good condition for coated protein products, peanuts, snack foods, appetizers and other fried foods.