Heat stability is a common issue when it comes to working with delicate ingredients that support wellness, but it isn’t the only challenge. Other processing factors can inhibit efficacy, and these supplements can impact the final product characteristics when not added carefully.

“Several factors during processing and storage contribute to nutrient degradation including temperature, pH, exposure to environmental factors such as light and oxygen, and moisture migration,” said Paula LaBine, marketing director, ADM. “Product characteristics such as packaging and composition also influence nutrient degradation.”

By understanding these nutrients’ dynamics, how they function in formulations and the ways they are impacted by processing conditions, bakers can compensate for anticipated losses in efficacy by overdosing their formulations. The key is that the probiotics, vitamins or minerals are bioavailable in enough quantity by the time the product reaches the consumer for it to deliver the promised nutrition.

As far as the impact on organoleptic properties,

Alison Pomaville, ingredient application scientist, Martin Bauer, noted texture refinement is the greatest challenge. To address this, IFPC offers custom preblends of nutrients.

Anita Srivastava, PhD, certified food scientist and senior technical service manager, bakery, Kemin, noted that plant-based immune boosters or other health-boosting extracts can also impart strong flavors or colors. Turmeric, garlic extract and tea extracts all contribute their flavors to finished products, while bakers should be aware of strong colors from marigold extract, anthocyanins and tannins.

“Kemin will work with bakers to help them determine what ingredients best fit their product goals,” she said. “Our state-of-the-art bakery innovation center allows us to work with bakers at our facility, so they don’t have to shut down production for testing in order to find the best ingredient combination for their product.”

With the latest technology in heat-resistance, encapsulation and formulating strategies, bakers can fortify their products with the immunity boosting ingredients consumers are craving during a time when everything about their health feels uncertain.            

This article is an excerpt from the July 2020 issue of Baking & Snack. To read the entire feature on fortification, click here.