Increased demand in the marketplace for frequent screen inspections led Shick Esteve to develop Heli-Sift, a centrifugal sifter. The newly designed units are built with easy access to the screen. These high throughput units are built for tool-free inspections with quick screen removal and 360-degree inspection by an operator in 5 to 10 minutes. Units are available in both gravity and inline configurations.

“Helical impellers provide greater dispersion of material effectively creating a more efficient sifting process,” said Jason Stricker, director of sales and marketing, Shick Esteve.

The sifter also comes with slide rail-assisted screen extraction with integrated screen support. This minimizes the potential for damage while handling and inspecting the screens, Mr. Stricker explained. The sifter is available in multiple screen mesh and material options and was built for commercial bakeries with automated ingredient delivery systems.